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e03ch06_grader_pc_GolfMarketingB (solution)

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YO16_XL_CH06_GRADER_PC_HW - Golf Marketing Part B 1.3


Project Description:

Barry Cheney, the manager of the Red Bluff Golf Course & Pro Shop, would like to develop marketing strategies for increasing golf course patronage. He has requested data about the golf course’s activity over the past years. He needs to be able to work with the data to understand the current patronage, such as where the patrons were from, how many patrons were on each transaction, the tee time, and so forth. Exploring the data is key in determining the marketing strategy because it helps him learn about customer preferences. After analyzing the data, Barry will present his ideas to the board of directors.



For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:



Points Possible


Open the downloaded file, e03ch06_grader_pc_GolfMarketingB. Save the file as e03ch06_grader_pc_GolfMarketingB_LastFirst using your last and first name.



Using the GolfData worksheet, create a PivotTable on a new sheet named PivotAnalysis



Add the following fields to the PivotTable in the following order: Cust_Type, Home_State, Food_Order.
Move the Home_State field above Cust_Type in the Rows area. Move Cust_Type to the columns area and then remove the Home_State field.
Add the Date field.
Group the dates by Quarter and Year.



Change the format of the data to Currency. Beginning in cell B6, summarize the values in the PivotTable by SUM and then show values as % of Row Total.



Copy the PivotAnalysis worksheet and name the new worksheet PivotAnalysis2.
If necessary, name the PivotTable, PivotTable2.
On the PivotAnalysis2 worksheet, remove Food_Order field. Insert a calculated field named Food Per Person. Create a formula that divides the Food_Order field by the Party_Size field.
Adjust the format so nothing displays when there is an error.



Change the column label in B3 to Customer Types
Change the column label in A4 to Quarters by Year



Add Home_State as a filter. Filter to show only records from AZ and CO. Apply Pivot Style Light 3.
Note, depending on the version of Office used, the style name may be White, Pivot Style Light 3.



Clear the PivotTable filters. Add a slicer for the Tee_Time field. Give the slicer the caption Tee Times. Format the slicer with 3 columns. Position the slicer so the top left corner begins inside cell G3 and the bottom right corner ends inside cell L17. Apply Slicer Style Dark 2 to the slicer.
Note, depending on the version of Office used, the style name may be Light Orange, Slicer Style Dark 2.
Using the slicer, filter the PivotTable for the Tee Times of 8:36-11:36.



On PivotTable2, add Subtotals at Bottom of group and add banded rows. 



On the GolfData worksheet, in cell F4, type Hotel. In cell H4, type FL.
Refresh the data on the PivotAnalysis worksheet.



Create a clustered column PivotChart from the PivotTable on the PivotAnalysis2 worksheet. Move the chart to a new chart sheet named PivotChart
Add a chart title Food Purchases by Customer Type above the chart.
Apply the Style 6 chart style.
Change the PivotChart color to Color 6 (second color under Monochromatic). Note,
depending on the version of Office used, the color name may be Monochromatic Palette 2.

Note: Mac users, select the range =PivotAnalysis2!$A$4:$D$7,PivotAnalysis2!$A$9:$D$12,PivotAnalysis2!$A$14:$D$17, then insert a Clustered Column chart. Follow the additional steps as specified.



Delete the GolfData worksheet.
Save the workbook, Exit Excel, and then submit your file as directed by your instructor.



Total Points





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